Catastrophic Injury

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People are injured in accidents all over the country every day. However, some accidents have more serious consequences than others. Catastrophic injuries are devastating and have far reaching consequences. If you or someone you love has suffered catastrophic injuries in an accident, you may be eligible for compensation. Get in touch with us to talk to an experienced catastrophic injury attorney who will fight on your behalf.

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Nobody ever expects to fall victim to a serious injury. Unfortunately accidents do happen often when you least expect them to. Even the most careful individuals fall victim to accidents. When accidents happen, they can have serious consequences. Suffering a catastrophic injury will interfere with your ability to perform gainful activities.

Car Accident

Car accidents occur every day, and thankfully many are just fender benders, and don’t create too much damage to the vehicles or people involved. There are, however, times when this is not the case and the car accident is more severe.

Truck Accident

When truck accidents occur, the effects can be devastating due to the size and weight of commercial trucks. Many commercial trucks, like tractor trailers, can have up to 18 wheels and a fully loaded large commercial truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds. Compare that to the average 3,500 pound passenger vehicle. This is the main reason injuries sustained in truck accidents are so much more severe than accidents involving only passenger vehicles.

Motorcycle Accident

Auto accidents are traumatic for everyone regardless of the vehicle being driven, however, a motorcycle accident is far worse and can be multiple times more severe given the lack of protection on a motorcycle. Even the highest quality safety gear and the highest adhered to safety precautions can’t fully protect a motorcycle rider from the dangers of being on the road

Semi-Trailer Accident

For the most part, truck drivers are trained to be diligent, patient, and safe drivers, however, there are times when they can become distracted and this can contribute to a semi-trailer accident.Due to the many thousands of miles truck drivers are required to drive in order to fulfill on their delivery obligations, often with very little sleep, they may end up in a semi-trailer accident.