If you’ve been injured in an accident, don’t wait to get legal help. Swift action is needed to get you on the road to recovery, and get compensation into your pocket. Accidents are a common and unfortunate cause for serious injuries and fatalities in Omaha.

Workers Compensation

High & Younes attorneys understand the unique demands that Workers’ Compensation cases present and the system in which these cases are processed and litigated. The attorneys at High & Younes have conducted hundreds of Workers’ Compensation trials to verdict and obtained excellent results for their clients. Their knowledge of the system and expertise with the law can get you the results you need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Labor & Employment Law

Since the dawn of the Industrial Age, citizens and legislators have been working tirelessly to create better working conditions for both business owners and their employees. This hard work is crafted into what is generally known as Employment Law. While many people are familiar with employee rights, Employment Law applies to both sides of the equation—protecting employee rights as well as supporting business owners to ensure their business is in a good position.

Personal Injury

In a Personal Injury case, damages in the form of money are awarded to the person who has been injured (the plaintiff). And, the person who is found to be legally responsible for the injury pays this money (the defendant). The damages are awarded to the plaintiff in order to compensate for what has been lost. This can include recovering the cost of medical bills, loss of property at fair market value, and even lost wages.

Wrongful Death

When a loved one is taken from you because of the recklessness or negligence of another, you need an aggressive, experienced legal team to represent your rights and the rights of your family. The attorneys at High & Younes have the experience and knowledge to get you and your family a fair settlement or take a case to trial and obtain you the result you deserve.


Don’t attempt to fight a DUI charge alone. DUI attorneys are trained to navigate the complexities of the legal system. Advising clients on their rights and responsibilities is their area of expertise. Navigating the legal system alone, there will be plenty of unfamiliar situations and case requirements that could harm the outcome of your case if done incorrectly.

Catastrophic Injury

When you are severely and catastrophically injured it is a life changing event. In these situations it is important to have a strong and effective attorney to guide you through the life changes you will encounter and ensure that both you and your family receive the appropriate compensation to care for you and maintain your standard of living. In these types of cases you may be entitled to the following types of compensation:– Medical expenses, past and future.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance is a word we’re more than familiar with by now. With the new government mandate for everyone in the US to carry health insurance, the term seems to roll off our lips effortlessly almost on a daily basis. But insurance extends beyond healthcare, and branches into every aspect of our lives. Although we know the general benefits of having Insurance, issues can arise often and complicate the claim process.

Family Law

The attorneys at High & Younes are widely respected for their honesty, integrity, and ability. When you select an attorney to help guide you through difficult family issues, you need to be able to trust your attorney. At High & Younes, you and your case will be given the attention necessary to obtain a fair and just result.


Getting a divorce can be devastating, confusing and stressful. Nobody expects to get a divorce when they get married, but it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It just means the partnership, although it may have started out great, is no longer viable for you or your partner’s well-being.