Why We Win

At High & Younes, we have developed a winning process. Unlike most law firms we practice our profession on the cutting edge of technology and the law, taking advantage of all the new age has to offer us to maximize the presentation of each case. This includes taking advantage of new e-discovery technology, using optimal investigation techniques in each of our cases, and applying the law as it is known today. Not only do we stand on legal theories which have been highly regarded since the development of our legal systems, but we also take advantage of recent Court rulings and legislative amendments to creating a powerful and symbiotic basis on which to present your case.

In addition, High & Younes attorneys have taken the time to develop relationships with other attorneys, judges, Court staff, and many esteemed individuals of the Nebraska and Iowa business and legal communities. These relationships have provided High & Younes attorneys with the abilities to take advantage of many resources available to them for the benefit of each of their clients. They take great care to protect their reputations and relationships by always presenting themselves in a professional and respectful manner.