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So, what can a Nebraska workers’ compensation attorney do for you? Simply stated, we can make sure that you're being treated fairly by the employer in the insurance company.

Now, what that means is we can make sure that you're getting the medical treatment that you    need for all of the injuries that were caused by the work accident. If there's some secondary injuries such as depression or referred pain, we can make sure that you're getting treated for those things as well.

We can also make sure that your benefits are being calculated accurately and that the insurance company and the employer isn't shorting you.

Once you've reached maximum medical improvement, we can make sure that you're compensated fairly for the disability that you sustained. And if you're no longer able to do the job that you were doing at the time you were injured, we can either help you get another job or you're making as much or more money or if you're permanently and totally disabled, we can get you compensation for the remainder of your life. I'm Justin High, High & Younes, here to help.

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