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The best thing you can do when you need to collect on a settlement is have a skilled lawyer for managing insurance claims. Your insurance company is going to do everything they possibly can to avoid paying your claim, no matter how legitimate it is. Insurance companies are for-profit corporations, and their number one goal is to keep as much money in their pocket as they can. Insurance companies will do everything they can do avoid litigation, so they will offer you a low settlement in the hopes that you will take it, thinking you don’t have any other choice.

If you’re like most people, you don’t have the energy, time or resources to endure the often lengthy and exhausting process of managing your claim from start to finish. Insurance companies know this, and will often offer you the lowest payout they think you are likely to accept. Because of this, having a highly skilled and experienced lawyer to manage your claim is vital to getting the settlement you deserve.

Who you’re really talking to when you file a claim
You may not be aware that when you call your insurance company to file a claim, you’re not always contacting your insurance company. Most of the time, you’re contacting an organization that has been contracted by your insurance company to handle claims on their behalf.

How an insurance claim is managed by your lawyer
When managing insurance claims, your lawyer will have an effective strategy that will cut costs, time, and get you as much of your settlement as possible. 

Your lawyer will first determine if your claim is valid, make a determination about the value of your claim, and then find out what the insurance company will pay. If your insurance company doesn’t want to pay what your claim is worth, your lawyer will fight for you and get you a better payout. This is the advantage to working with a skilled lawyer when managing insurance claims. The insurance company knows they can’t get away with much when they are talking to an experienced lawyer.

What people expect from an insurance company
People expect an insurance company to settle claims fast and to their satisfaction. Insurance companies know that the more they settle claims to the satisfaction of their customers, the better reputation they will have. It’s a good reputation that gives the insurance company a competitive edge on their competition.

Also, the faster an insurance company settles a claim, the less complaints they will receive, which again, boosts their reputation. If the claim settlement is delayed it will end up costing the insurance company more money. This is another reason it is imperative to obtain professional legal help in managing your claim. An insurance company won’t be able to get away with lowballing your payout when a skilled lawyer is fighting for you.