Bankruptcy Attorneys Omaha NE

Bankruptcy Attorney Omaha

Filing a bankruptcy case may be a viable path to eliminate debt, retain assets, and build a brighter financial future. At High & Younes, you can expect skilled financial analysis and legal counseling to determine the most opportune course of financial recovery for you and your family.

Bankruptcy Lawsuit Attorney Omaha

If a loan or credit account is in default for too long the creditor may file a lawsuit against you. A lawsuit for debt is not a criminal matter, but it is serious and requires attention. Inaction may lead to loss of wages, loss of property, or both.

Garnishment Attorney Omaha

The most common result of a lawsuit for debt, if not addressed, is a judgment entered against you in county or district court. A judgment may then be used to garnish (seize) your wages or money from your bank account. If a garnishment order is entered in court there are very few ways to stop it. Bankruptcy is one of those ways.

Foreclosure Attorney Omaha

Sometimes a homeowner faces a setback which causes he or she to fall behind on mortgage payments. Since mortgage payments can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars per month (depending on the amount of the loan, term, and interest rate) falling a month behind may be easy to catch up on or it may be a daunting task. Bankruptcy offers a way to bring payments current over time.

Bankruptcy Costs and Fees

Initial consultations are free. The costs to file a bankruptcy case may range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Every case is different and must first be reviewed by an attorney. Call us to discuss rates, filing fees, or to schedule a free consultation.

Differences Between Chapter 7 & Chapter 13

The Bankruptcy Code is found at Title 11 of the United States Code. There are six types of bankruptcy under Title 11 but the two most common types are personal bankruptcy for individuals and married couples: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.