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Are you unhappy with your employer or an employee? If you are experiencing employment problems you may be able to do something about it.

Hiring an employment lawyer may be exactly what you need when facing any employment issues.

Employment lawyers represent both employees and employers when dealing with issues touching on federal and state employment law. Employment lawyers fight on behalf of employees to protect their rights.

They represent and advise employers to ensure that they comply with employment laws.
Why you should hire an employment attorney

  • Assistance navigating complex employment law

Employment laws may seem simple and straightforward. However, interpreting them incorrectly can lead to many complications. Employment lawyers are well versed in both federal and state employment laws. They understand the law and have experience applying it to resolve issues that arise in workplaces. An employment lawyer will help you navigate the complexities of employment law.

If you are an employee, an attorney will help you understand complex legal terms and help you determine whether you have a case or not. They will help you establish whether you should pursue action against your employer. Employers can benefit from the guidance of attorneys in determining the best way to protect themselves and ensure that they observe local, state and federal employment laws.

  • Assistance with discovery

Evidence is a requirement for showing that you have a case. If you have a case to fight, you will need to dig up evidence including documents to prove your case. An employment attorney will help you with this.

Employment attorneys will sift through volumes of documents to find the evidence you need to build your case. They will guide you on selecting documents for your case. They will also help you seek out other evidence such as witness accounts, video recordings and much more. Attorneys have the resources and know how to track down witnesses and compel them to testify. They will also provide you with expert witnesses if necessary.

  • Protection from liabilities

An employment attorney with years of experience and in depth knowledge of employment law is the best person to go to when you need advice on an employment matter. If you are an employer, you can rely on the attorney to ensure that you comply with employment laws. They can provide you with various services including drafting employment contracts, advising you on termination of employees and other sensitive employment issues. With the guidance of an expert attorney, you can avoid different kinds of liabilities.

Your attorney will provide you with an extra layer of protection in case an employee files a lawsuit against you. Your employment attorney will help to ensure that the case settles as quickly as possible and ensure minimal losses to your business.

  • Filing and opposing motions

Employment cases can become complicated quickly. If you are an employee treated unfairly, your employer may accuse you of misconduct in an effort to have your case thrown out or minimize their losses. Your employment attorney can swiftly file a motion to deny the allegations against you and ensure your reputation remains intact. They will fight to protect your legal rights.

If you are an employer facing a lawsuit by a disgruntled employee, your attorney can help to protect you by filing a motion to protect your company. Your attorney will be your first line of defense.

How to choose an employment lawyer

When facing an employment issue, it is important to hire an employment attorney as soon as possible. There are various factors to consider when searching for an employment attorney.

  • Experience

It is important to choose an attorney with the know-how and experience to provide you with the guidance and representation you need. They should have a proven record of success. However, this depends on the nature of your employment issue.
For example, if you are an employee fighting your employer for wrongful dismissal, you will need to look for an attorney that has successfully represented employees in similar cases. If you are an employer that needs assistance with employment contracts, you should look for an attorney with experience in drafting employee contracts.

  • Good communication skills

Employment law is complex. You will need to hire an attorney that can help you understand employment law. Such should be able to answer your questions and take the time to understand the issues you are facing. You should be comfortable enough to ask questions and they should provide you with responses that are informative and easy to understand.

You will also want an attorney that is easy to reach. You should be able to get in touch with them when you need their assistance. They should be responsive to emails, text messages and other forms of communication even if you are unable to reach them right away.

Do you have an employment problem? Get in touch with us to speak with an experienced employment lawyer.